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With energy consumption increasing on a global scale, energy efficiency is garnering re-focused public attention and re-invigorated funding. Energy Efficiency: Towards the end of Demand Growth, addresses the full breadth of the field, from detailed guidance on implementation of new technologies, to clear explanations of policy frameworks that can dictate which projects are profitable enough to deploy. International contributions feature the latest insights from recognized thought leaders, detailed examinations of evolving technologies, and practical case studies yielding best practices for projects planners, implementers and financers. The book posits that there is an alternative to the "more is better" paradigm in energy production, examining instead the spectrum of ways we can implement efficiency technologies and measures across the supply chain to dramatically green the future of power production. Also includes;

  • Learn to measure the effectiveness of efficiency vs. increased generation as strategies to meet energy needs through comparative financial analysis
  • Understand how existing and developing regulatory frameworks directly impact cost and implementation
  • Model case studies from four continents that highlight the best examples of successful technologies and projects, from net zero communities to load management strategies and distributed generation.

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